Medical: * GP * Surgeon * ENT * Gynaecology * Psychiatrist * Dermatologist * Medical Expert

Faculty of Pediatrics: Pediatrician * (all specialties of pediatrics, pediatric surgery included)

Faculty Helps Caregivers: * Nurse (AD) * Ecology * Medicine and Medicine and Hygiene * Health (Public Health, Hygiene Infants and Adolescents, Food Hygiene, Occupational Hygiene, Hygiene Radiant Surfaces) * Epidemiology * Occupational Diseases * Infectious Diseases * Public health organizations

Faculty of Dentistry: * GP * Dentistry and Stomatology * Orthopedics (Prosthetist) * Dentistry * Surgery * Cosmetology Maxillofacial Surgery * Child Dentistry

  / Mechatronics (a combination of mechanical, electronic and computer) / Diagnostic and maintenance of vehicles (automobiles) / Mechanical /Automotive Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / construction of bridges and roads / transport systems Engines internal combustion / Roads and airfields engineering / engineering Bridges and Tunnels transport / organization and control of road traffic / transport management / IT Systems and Mechatronics / Automation and control of technological processes / Ecology and environmental protection

Agrochemicals and soil science / Agrochemicals / Selection and genetic crop / vegetable crops and viticulture / Forestry / Plant Protection / Regulation of land use and land registry / Mechanical Engineering /   Food technology / bakery, confectionery, and food technology concentrated product / technology development of fruit and vegetables / technology development of milk / technology development of meat / Agricultural Engineering / Quality standardization and certification / Energy crop production / Energy Management / Automated control of manufacturing processes /   Machinery and equipment farming / forestry Equipment / Equipment factories and food processing / processing technology and storage of cereals

  Computer and Communication / Computer Systems and Networks / specialized computer systems / flexible control systems and automated / computerized systems and Robotics / Programming / System Analysis and Control System / Computer Science / Applied Mathematics / Economic Cybernetics / systems and computer control Technology / Computer Technology Design / Software automated systems / Systems intellectuals decision / Publishing and polygraphy / Radio Engineering / radio equipment, radio and television / radio electronic devices, systems and groups / Computer Communication Networks / Metrology and Accessories metrological / Telecommunication systems and networks / devices and electronic devices / equipment laser, optical and electronic / physical and biological Electronics / Microelectronics and semiconductor / Household appliances / systems and biotechnical and medical equipment / production of electronic devices medical devices / Technology and telecommunication / Preparatory Faculty for foreign students

Pharmacy / Clinical Pharmacy / Laboratory diagnostics / pharmaceutical preparations Technology / Technology cosmetics and perfumery means / Biotechnology / Management organizations / Quality, standardization, certification / analytical quality control chemicals / Production of pharmaceutical preparations

Aerospace / aircraft manufacturing / construction engine / aircraft guidance systems / engineering rocket and space technology / radio engineering systems had

National and international security / investigative specialists and interrogative / specialist police units / specialists units of public order /psychology, management units, and information and social / right technology, economics and sociology / institutes external law (Law Institute Kirovograd, Kherson Law Institute)   and an external branch in Sumy.

  Air Force / Aviation civil and military / air defense / flak troops / automatic control systems support operations aviation / engineering radio air defense / information systems and technical

Management / science products and trade / product expertise and business / Business Administration (option-tourism and hospitality) / management of external economic activities /   hospitality / Management organizations / Marketing / Administrative Management / Economic Theory / International Economics / Management of foreign economic activity / Accounting and Auditing / Finance /   Bank




Presentation Ukraine






Head of State and Government of Petro Porochenko

Area: 603500 km ²

Capital: Kiev (3.5 Mhab)

Main cities: Kharkiv (1.5 Mhab), Dnipropetrovsk (1) Odessa (1), Donetsk (1), Lviv (0.85)

Language (s) Official (s): Ukrainian / Russian

Currency: hryvnia

National Day: August 24


 Ukraine in much of the temperate zone, in the extreme south - subtropical.


The two major religions in the country are Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholic Church. Protestants and Jews are also represented. The Orthodox Church is the most practiced religion in the country.


Ukraine's borders with Belarus to the north, west Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and Russia to the east and northeast. Its southern territories are washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov


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